A message from Jack,
Jonny's twin brother, on this #GivingTuesday.

This #GivingTuesday, we ask that you listen to a message from Jack, Jonny's twin brother. Jack describes his relationship with Jonny and how the loss of his twin has affected him greatly. The Kids Shouldn't Have Cancer Foundation in Memory of Jonny Wade was created in 2016 after Jonny passed away in his parents arms on Christmas Eve, less than a year after his cancer diagnosis. Jonny was only 8 years old. During his treatment, Jonny consistently said "I don't want any other kid to have cancer". With that, the Kid's Shouldn't Have Cancer Foundation focuses on raising funds for pediatric cancer research, awareness and advocacy. The foundation has already made an impact by raising close to $1 million and granted two successful programs for pediatric cancer research. With your support, we can make sure that others don't have to suffer like Jonny. Please donate today.

Your Support Will Transform Lives Today

All donations will go towards supporting research based on recommendations from a panel of medical experts and supporting advocacy efforts focused on increasing government funding of pediatric cancer.




To Pediatric Cancer Research



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Together we can raise awareness.


At age 40, survivors of pediatric cancer are twice as likely as the general population to develop a second cancer.


The National Cancer Institute allots only 4 percent of its budget for pediatric cancer research, and funding for other pediatric diseases is also scarce.

200 Adults

Since 1990, fewer than 10 drugs have been developed to treat pediatric cancer, compared to more than 200 for adults.

35 Years

The incidence of pediatric cancer has risen about 1 percent annually for the past 35 years.


The five-year survival rate for infants with cancer remains lower than that of pediatric cancer patients age 1-14.

Together we can make a CHANGE

Funding pediatric cancer research for treatments and cures
Improving access to and awareness of clinical trials for families facing pediatric cancer
Raising public awareness of the issues surrounding pediatric cancer funding
Influencing the organizations that allocate federal cancer research funding

In Memory of Jonny Wade 2007-2015